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All poetry below is copyright 1997, Shayla Gunter, and may NOT be reproduced under any circumstances.

Soul Music

Timeless melodies
of musical whispers
linger on my brain
and tug at my heart.

The pain I feel is joy,
the joy I feel hurts.
If this is what it's like
then let the music play on
but give me a bandage
for my soul.

Imaginary Realities

Washing up on shore
I see stars, meteorites
and platonic wishes.

Dreams of ancient days
waiting to be discovered by creatures,
more intelligent than earthlings,
smaller than the most
invisible nightmare.

Imaginary realities,
vivid imaginations
of images, shapes, ideas and people,
warped and sensible,
flying on the underground
trails to their hearts.

Souls lost
directions at the nearest interchange,
where sky meets sea
and eyes wander -- searching--
for stars that wash up
on shore.

Exercise in Resolution

This is a word exercise, made by creating a seven letter sentence, followed by six more sentences, each beginning with the next letter in the first sentence.

I resolve nothing for the coming years. Resolve to quit smoking... or be a better person... or to give blood... or to write more; that's what other people do and say.
Nothing will help me see the future better -- or be more prepared for what's to come.
For resolutions are reserved for people who have been unhappy with themselves and foolishly think that words on a page, reminding them earnestly of all they did not do, will help them change their ways.
The only way to change is by being aware -- truly aware of what you're all about.
Coming into a new year, you must be prepared for change -- you must be prepared for self-discovery.
Years are only days, and days are only hours, and hours are only seconds -- for reflection.

Old Timer's Tale

Another word exercise...

It's garbage day in the world beyond."Garbage... strewn everywhere -- in the alleys, the drives, on the lawns, he observed.
Day brings the light which sheds over the ugliness.
In the old days, streets were clean, children could play and we could drink the water.
The new regime has had bad luck with reform.
World peace came and went.
Beyond that, I can tell you no more.

Experiment in Sound and Light

Blip, bang, soc, pow
kerplop, whoosh, screech

sash -
Pink with ribbons
a lollipop
and my baby doll.

Red silk
V-back dress
and loving you with all my heart
and soul
until tomorrow at least.

Those within.

Searching for Truths

As the leaves fall
so do our pretenses.
As the leaves swirl together
gathering in groups
so do we -- brought together
by the season.

We gather in prayer
and in solemnity
to remember, rejoice, reform --
to reiterate our promises
year after year,
hoping for a chance
to get it all right
once again.

Our prayers take on
an air of urgent importance.
Are they really heard more loudly
than they are day to day?
Week to week?

I'd like to believe so,
for this is the time
that I feel closest to
the entity I've come to know
as G-d.

So many questions
I ask myself; I ask G-d.
I listen and watch for answers prayers, in silence,
in other people's
interpretations and explanations.

If by chance
I find solutions from written prayers,
I shall consider myself lucky
and blessed.

But even if I don't
find solid answers in the words
or in the acts,
I will have had the experience
of reaching deep inside myself;
Exploring my mind,
my soul, my thoughts,
my emotions.
And from this I will have found
my own answers --
and perhaps that's what these Holy Days
are all about.

The Human Machine

Machinations of glory
pride of faith
believing in your own truths
mystifying fate.

Creating a new dawn
of darkness merged with light
waiting for a sunset
that awes with lingering flight.

Some days can last forever
some nights can linger on
filled with blood and passion
you emerge a champion.

Self-worth is well appraised
self-pity deserves to beg
self-reflection in a foggy mirror
self-reliance your last leg.

Depend on others for
trivial matters of the hour.
Depend on yourself for life and death
determination gives you power.

In Her Mind

Your little princess sits
amidst the grass and potted plants
wilted bundles of roses,
scattered leaves from tired trees
falling, one by one --
coloured, weary, drying,--
to the ground, at her feet,
by your stone.

She watches, thinks, tried to write
an ode to you
trying to coax a tear
from her staring eyes
lost in memories
but happy.

She remembers you standing tall
larger than life
looming above her head
asking if she wants to go for a ride.

Or running, her little feet
tripping over themselves
laughing as she dodges the water
spurting from the green garden hose.

Dressed up, in a white frock
green polka-dot trim
and cherries.
Fresh, sweet, innocent.
That's how you knew her.

Before the troubled years
Before the rebellion
Before the growing up
Before getting to know her.

It hurts now.
What would you have thought
if you saw her at her graduation?
Or at the airport, bidding farewell
to the people she loved the most--
going to the land of her people
the place you always had planned to go.

Would you have liked her choices?
The styles, the courses, the decisions,
but more importantly, the men.
You would have had to approve.

She chooses with you in mind.
She thinks with you in mind.
She lives with you in mind.
And now, she sits and writes
and cries
with you in mind.

Come Fly with Me

Slide shows from my brain.
Exciting, explicit,
tormenting, illicit.
Are you bored yet?
I have more of my vacation.

Travels to byond the imagination.
Colours, sounds, shapes --
distracting yet compelling.

Move closer --
touch them, feel them
taste them
experience them all.

They're all a part of me,
and I want you to be
a part of me too.

Touch me, feel me,
taste me, experience me.

Distracting yet compelling.
Exciting, explicit
tormenting, illicit.

Use your imagination
and join me in my travels.
We'll take pictures,
lots of pictures,
but keep them to ourselves.

Assorted Chocolates

They lay there,
partially exposed.
Crying out for someone to take notice.

Someone does.
Of course, wouldn't you?
The lid strips them bare
so that they shiver.
Well at least they won't melt.

Various tastes...
cremes, nougats
jellies, fudges,
and caramels.
Something that appeals to everyone.

Anything your heart desires,
and more.

Dig in, enjoy.
Exploit their presence.
Satisfy your sweettooth.
If not with them,
then with me.

I lay here,
partially exposed.
Not crying out,
just lingering in your presence.

Not shivering,
your fiery body covers me.
But I won't melt.

Dig in
enjoy my presence.
Anything your heart desires
and more.

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